Book Fund

The #BlackWolverineBookFund started in 2016 and has provided over 200 free textbooks to undergraduate students at the University of Michigan. We are looking for individuals to assist with gathering pledges from Michigan Alumni and matching these donors with students on campus. This year, we really want to emphasize the mentorship aspect of the Book Fund. We will intentionally pair each alum and student based on interests, goals, and more. If you are dedicated to helping Black Wolverines than this team is perfect for you!


Do you have a passion for fashion? If so, the ReliveTheBAR Apparel Team is perfect for you. We are looking for individuals interested in driving innovation and implementing ideas that will take Michigan inspired clothing to the next level. Whether your interests are in developing concepts for photoshoots, finding models and influencers, or creating fashion designs – we have a place for you!


The Outreach Team is perfect for anyone interested in building relationships and partnerships amongst the Michigan Community. ReliveTheBAR is always looking to build community and the Outreach committee is at the forefront of this effort. Whether you are in undergrad, grad school, a recent alum, or graduated back in the good ole days…this team has a place for you!

Social Media & Marketing

Do you have a knack for social media? Are you the one that always finds themselves keeping their friends in the loop? We are looking for people that can engage/interact with the Michigan community at large and keep their peers informed with everything going on with ReliveTheBAR.

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